Ultimate Killers is a 2012 documentary based on the six-part program Planet Dinosaur. It takes the highlights from Planet Dinosaur and puts them into one, sixty-minute TV movie. It acts as an elongated seventh episode for Planet Dinosaur.


The fifty-three minute long 3D movie starts with a twisted intro that shares the same music as the Planet Dinosaur intro. Then it switches to 95 million years ago where it shows a Spinosaurus fishing. After watching the Spinosaurus swim down a river the movie turns to the Jurassic Period, where an Allosaurus hunts down a Camptosaurus. When the Saurophaganax drives the Allosaurus off it's kill, the feature goes over to a Sinraptor which hunts an Epidexipteryx before narrowly missing the bird-like dinosaur. The Planet Dinosaur spin-off focuses on the feathered dinosaurs, especially the ones like Microraptor, before it goes to explain the history of the tyrannosaurs and the abelisaurs. Somewhere in the mix the Zuni Basin drama is shown. The Planet Dinosaur mash-up ends with the K-Pg incident. John Hurt finishes off with these words: 'it is the very thing that made them so iconic that condemns them to extinction.'