Planet Dinosaur Wiki
Home time period Cretaceous (Cenomanian)
Creature type Abelisaur (Theropod)
Range South America
Appearances New Giants

Skorpiovenator (meaning "scorpion hunter") was an abelisaurid theropod dinosaur from Middle Cretaceous of Argentina.

In Planet Dinosaur

Episode 5:  New Giants

It is first seen when it scared off a Lacusovagus, a pterosaur.  It went to an Argentinosaurus nest.  The creature investigated, and it picked up the hatchling, whipping it down to the ground, killing it and crunching the dead hatchling in its' jaws. It gulps down another, and picks up a third. It turns its head,and finds itself cowering beneath a large Argentinosaurus and it flees. More are seen when another Argentinosaurus swats them away from a nest. Near the end of the episode, they are seen surrounding a dying Argentinosaurus when its' wounds from a Mapusaurus mob spread infection through its' body. Skopiovenator is first to take a bite out of the neck. And finally, after a few weeks, merely a pelvis bone, ribs, leg bones and vertebrate remain of the huge skeleton.


Skorpiovenator is the last Abelisaur to appear the series.

It also shares its model (but not its colour scheme) with Rugops, a related abelisaur from the first episode. The only difference is the width of it’s skull.