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Sinraptor is a genus of medium-sized theropod dinosaur which lived during the late Jurassic period[165-153] in what is now China.


Sinraptor was a medium-sized theropod, measuring 7.6 meters in length and 3 meters in height. Sinraptor's name translates to "Chinese thief". Despite its name, Sinraptor was not related to the dromaeosaurids or raptors. Adult Sinraptor may have hunted medium-sized dinosaurs like small, juvenile sauropods whilst juvenile Sinraptor may have hunted small dinosaurs such as Epidexipteryx as well as other small animals.

In Planet Dinosaur

Feathered Dragons

The Sinraptor chases the Epidexipteryx. (Feathered Dragons)

A juvenile Sinraptor was seen stalking an Epidexipteryx looking for food in a log. As the target noticed, the Sinraptor attacked. However, the Epidexipteryx hid inside the log. Even though the log was impregnable, the Sinraptor remained adamant. As it appeared the Sinraptor had given up, the Epidexipteryx scurried to exit the log but the Sinraptor ambushed it. As the Sinraptor was temporarily stuck in the log, the Epidexipteryx ran. As soon as it escaped, the Sinraptor followed in hot pursuit. However, the Epidexipteryx escaped by climbing a tree. The Sinraptor then left.

Later, as another larger Epidexipteryx ate a beetle grub off of the forest floor, the Sinraptor reappeared and swiftly killed the dinosaur. The Sinraptor then left with its prey. An adult Sinraptor could become 7 meters long.



  • Sinraptor is the only non-feathered theropod in Feathered Dragons.
  • Sinraptor is shown to coexist with Epidexipteryx, when the two never met. Epidexipteryx lived during the Middle Jurassic, about 164 million years ago, while Sinraptor lived in the Late Jurassic 160 million years ago. However, it is possible that a similar theropod coexisted with Epidexipteryx, perhaps Gasosaurus, and Sinraptor may have coexisted with similar scansoriopterygids like the recently-discovered Yi qi