Planet Dinosaur Wiki
Home time period Jurassic
Creature type Flying reptile
Range Europe
North America
South America
Appearances Lost World
Fight for Life
New Giants
The Great Survivors

 Pterosaurs were flying reptiles from the Mesozoic era.

In Planet Dinosaur

Episode 1:  Lost World

A flock of Alanqa, a chaoyangopterid pterosaur were seen feeding off a carcass until being scared off by a Spinosaurus. One was killed in the process.

Episode 4:  Fight for Life

A Jurassic Pterosaur was seen swooping over a herd of Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus after it was scared off by an Allosaurus.

Episode 5:  New Giants

A Lacusovagus was seen feeding off baby Argentinosaurus until a Skorpiovenator came and scared it off.  Later, a flock of Lacusovagus was seen circling then feeding off of a dead adult Argentinosaurus.

Episode 6:  The Great Survivors

A small flock of Eurazdarcho was seen being scared away by a Hatzegopteryx.  Later, a flock of Hatzegopteryx was seen swooping down from the air to find food.  They found a herd of Magyarosaurus feeding and took the opportunity.  They started swallowing the small sauropod until a pair of the pterosaurs started fighting over their meal.  The Magyarosaurus escaped with minor injuries whilst the flock of Hatzegopteryx flew away. After the mass extinction, one Hatzegopteryx warded off a lone Bradycneme trying to feed on a Magyarosaurus carcass.  The rest of the flock appear and started scavenging like savages.  Another pterosaur scared the dinosaur off from a dead juvenile Magyarosaurus, instantly gulping it down.

Pterosaurs featured