Planet Dinosaur Wiki

When you upload images or other files to the wiki, there are a set of guidelines for you to follow. These are them.

General rules

  • All images on the wiki must be from Planet Dinosaur.
    • If you want to upload a non-canonical image for pages like your user page, please contact an administrator.
  • Images must not be duplicates of images already uploaded on the wiki.
  • Images must have proper, descriptive file names and may not contain non-English characters.
    • Examples of poor file names include: Vlcsnap-1969-12-31-23h59m59s999.png, X.png, and Zslfod.png
    • Examples of good file names include: Allosaurus-101.png, 1x1-0001.png, and 1x3 Massacre.png.
  • Images must be of good quality.