Planet Dinosaur Wiki

Welcome to the Planet Dinosaur Wiki! Like any other community, there are a set of rules to follow when editing here. Below is a summarised set of rules.

We do not track strikes,
You can and will be blocked!

  • User Conduct
    • Planet Dinosaur Wiki is not a social network.
    • This wiki may not be used to advertise products, other wikis or websites or to boost SEO rankings.
    • Be polite when talking to other users. This wiki is a collaborative project and teamwork is crucial.
    • Please follow Planet Dinosaur Wiki's manual of style, the preferred way of how things are to be organised.
    • Please refrain from edits wars. You can discuss your changes on the article's talk page.
    • Do not flame or insult other users. Send them a polite message if you have a dispute.
    • Do not edit others' user pages, as they are generally considered property of the user.
    • Do not beg for adminship.
    • Do not vandalize any page. Do not remove all the content from a page.
    • Do not plagiarize content from Wikipedia. Write it in your own words.
    • Multiple accounts used for block-evasion are forbidden, and are against Wikia TOS.
  • Forums and Article Comments
    • Article comments are only for discussions on how to improve the article.
    • Forum messages may discuss anything Planet Dinosaur related.
      • Forum messages must be placed in the correct boards.
    • If your message wall becomes too large, you may clear it out by clicking More and then Remove on each message.
      • Don't remove messages from administrators.
  • Content
    • All content must be related to Planet Dinosaur.
    • All content must be objective. Use the forum to discuss your opinions.
    • All content must be canonical. Do not post fanon information on mainspace pages.
    • Use the edit summary as you submit your edit. It lets others know what changed in the article.