Planet Dinosaur Wiki

You if you don't follow the Manual of Style.

Every wiki is dependent on edits. Some edits are good, some are not. The Manual of Style is here to tell how to make good and professional edits on the wiki.

Article standards

  • Each article should have at least one template for it to be of good standard. These templates include infoboxes, quotes, dialogue and directory templates.
  • All articles should be related to Planet Dinosaur. For example, do not make pages about dinosaurs that did not appear in Planet Dinosaur. There are other wikis for non-Planet Dinosaur dinosaurs but this is not the place.
  • No fanon please.
  • The writing on the articles should have decent grammar and spelling. If you are not sure if your edit contains good spelling and grammar, either read through it again or copy and paste the text into writing software like Microsoft Word which has built-in spell-check.
  • All decent articles should have at least 500 bytes. If they do not have 500 bytes or more, they are stub articles. If they're stubs, please type in {{Stub}}.
  • If an article contains images, please spread out the images in an orderly fashion. We do not accept large clusters of images. For a guide, see this example of a well-managed article.
  • No speculation or unfounded conjecture.



  • If you want to put an image inside an infobox, please remove the thumb tag from the image.
  • When putting an image in an infobox in a Creature article, we'd prefer that promotional images are used over snapshots from episodes. However, if a creature didn't appear in any promotional images or the promotional image is of poor quality, snapshots are perfectly acceptable.
  • Please use snapshots from episodes in infoboxes on Episode and Location articles.
  • If there are no images of a creature, please use a photograph of their skeleton. Please do not use images from other shows or illustrations.


If are not aware, this is an example of a directory template.

  • Put the necessary templates in a necessary article.