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Article of the Month (May 2022)

Carcharodontosaurus (name meaning "great white shark toothed lizard") was a carcharodontosaurid theropod dinosaur from Middle Cretaceous Africa.  

Carcharodontosaurus was a large bipedal carnivore. This reptile was one of the largest theropod dinosaurs ever to live. It was one of the largest theropods ever to live. It measured approximately 12 to 13 metres in length and weighed between 6 to 15 tonnes. This dinosaur lived in the same environment as the giant spinosaurid Spinosaurus, the sauropod Paralititan and the massive crocodilian Sarcosuchus. Carcharodontosaurus mainly hunted ornithopods like Ouranosaurus, adolescent sauropod dinosaurs and smaller carnivorous dinosaurs.

Carcharodontosaurus belonged to a group of theropod dinosaurs called Carcharodontosauridae. This group contained some of the largest dinosaurs yet to be discovered like Mapusaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Giganotosaurus. Recent in-depth scientific research suggests that Carcharodontosaurus had a complex system of air sacs similar to birds. This system probably gave Carcharodontosaurus an edge when it came to hunting.

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What is this wiki about?

This wiki is dedicated to Planet Dinosaur, a six-part BBC documentary series about life in the Mesozoic era. The series was produced by the BBC, narrated by John Hurt and the VFX were done by Jellyfish Pictures. The series first aired on BBC One on 14 September, 2011 and concluded on 19 October, 2011. This television series was the BBC's first major dinosaur-related series since Walking With Dinosaurs in 1999.

Tom Sutcliffe of the Independent found that it was visually "polished and jazzed up" but that the "knowledge and science generally take second place to B-movie spectacle". Brian Switek from the Smitsonian Science blog "Dinosaur Tracking" commented, "What sets Planet Dinosaur apart, and what I enjoyed most, is the fact that a modicum of science is woven into each episode to back up the different vignettes being presented." He also added "...[while] Planet Dinosaur is not that perfect dinosaur documentary that we have all been hoping for, it is still far better than just about anything that I have seen lately."

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