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Oviraptor was an oviraptorid dinosaur from late

Cretaceous Mongolia.


Oviraptor is shown stealing eggs from other dinosaurs while also eating leaves (in Feathered Dragons). Oviraptor is shown to be goldish-brown with little feathers on its body. It is shown with long claws and an egg-cracking beak. The series does not explain how to tell a male and female oviraptor apart (even though they do it for the gigantoraptor).  Although it is not shown in the series, oviraptor in real life might of defended itself the same way a gigantoraptor would( see article: gigantoraptor for more details). It would've crushed eggs with its beak (as shown in Feathered Dragons). The oviraptors are a bit dull coloured in the series.


Oviraptor would have eaten the same thing the average oviraptorid would eat.

Eggs of other dinosaurs

Baby dinosaurs 

Small reptiles like lizards or even some dinosaurs ( adults, about the size of chickens).

Vegetation and plant life

Carcasses of other animals

Possibly even insects and arachnids (like scorpions or desert spiders)

In Planet Dinosaur

Episode 2:  Feathered Dragons


An Oviraptor was seen raiding a Saurornithoides nest.  It managed to eat an egg, but when the Saurornithoides returned, it realized it's been caught eating its eggs, and flees with a second egg in its beak.

Episode 6:  The Great Survivors

A flock of Oviraptor were seen nesting until an Alectrosaurus appeared.  The flock ran away towards a mother Gigantoraptor but got warded off. They were later seen running towards a male, nesting Gigantoraptor but once again got scared off.

Even later, a lone Oviraptor was seen walking towards a Gigantoraptor nest whilst the father of the nest and two Alectrosaurus were fighting. The dinosaur started digging for the eggs, but got interrupted when the father returned.  It got chased away.

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