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Ouranosaurus was a genus of iguanodontid dinosaur which lived during the early Cretaceous period.


Ouranosaurus is a genus of iguanodontid dinosaur.  Its most notable feature is a long but short sail on its back which looks similar to that of Acrocanthosaurus.  It was also relatively long for an ornithopod, being about 7 metres long but was lightly built, being around 3 tonnes in weight. It seemed like a 'missing link',because it had the spiked thunb of a iguanodontian, yet the hadrosaurian bill of the hadrosaurs. 

In Planet Dinosaur

Episode 1: Lost World

An Ouranosaurus was walking around in a forest.  It then saw a Spinosaurus and got startled by it and ran away. The Ouranosaurus running away caused the rest of the herd to disperse by instinct, even though they were not on the Spinosaurus' menu. After the Spinosaurus left, they calmed down.

An Ouranosaurus shortly before being killed by a Carcharodontosaurus. (Lost World (Episode 1))

Later, a Carcharodontosaurus is seen stalking a browsing Ouranosaurus. It then gave chase on the individual and spooked the rest of the herd. The fleeing Ouranosaurus was chased outside the forest and into a small desert. The Ouranosaurus slowed down and was attacked by the Carcharodontosaurus. It was then left to succumb to its injuries. Later, the Ouranosaurus collapsed and the Carcharodontosaurus came in for the kill.

Episode 5: New Giants

A herd of Ouranosaurus was seen feeding near a large herd of Paralititan.


  • Ouranosaurus is the only herbivorous animal with a sail to appear in the show.