Mapusaurus was a carcharodontosaurid dinosaur from Late Cretaceous Patagonia.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Episode 5:  New GiantsEdit

A Mapusaurus was first seen briefly, watching a herd of Argentinosaurus migrate.  A pack of Mapusaurus were later seen harassing the herd of sauropods. They selected their victim, a young Argentinosaurus and snacked on it without killing it.  One of the carcharodontosaurids got flattened by an adult Argentinosaurus. The pack then wandered off, waiting for the victim to die. But one followed the herd of Argentinosaurs.

At the end of the episode, multiple Mapusaurus, Skorpiovenator and Lacusovagus came to the victim - a young  Argentinosaurus that died from an injuries made by a gang of Mapusaurus. They ate for days, coming and going in a time lapse sequence until they ate everything, down to the bare bones. When the Argentinosaurus was reduced to only bones, a Mapusaurus appeared, but wandered off. At the end of the episode it was stated that when Argentinosaurus became extinct, Mapusaurus followed - a pattern followed throughout the Mesozoic world.

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