The male Majungasaurus was only featured in Last Killers.

Last Killers:

In Last Killers the male Majungasaurus invaded the Majungasaurus family's space. He feasted on a carcass that the Majungasaurus family had been banqueting on before. When he roared at a Majungasaurus hatchling, the female Majungasaurus went crazy. She bit the male Majungasaurus' neck and only let go when the male became severely injured. The male backed down and ate the carcass from the other side, when the female struck again and killed the male. The Majungasaurus family then cannibalised on the dead male.


1. The Majungasaurus male was a big find for dinosaur scientists. It told them that dinosaurs did indeed cannibalise each other. It was one of the biggest dinosaur discoveries since Walking with Dinosaurs.