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Majungasaurus is an abelisaurid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous [70-66] in Madagascar.

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Episode 3:  Last Killers

A family of a female and two baby Majungasaurus was seen searching food. They found a carcass, but it was occupied by a flock of Rahonavis.  Knowing the dangers of Majungasaurus, they fled. The family were then able to feed on the carcass. This was short-lived as a large male Majungasaurus appeared and intimidated the three. One of the babies were brave enough to feed on a scrap of meat dropped by a Rahonavis. The large male threatened the babies but the mother took umbrage. The mother started biting the male's neck, severely wounding him. She then delivered the final blow, the family then cannibalised on the dead male.


Before the Majungasaurus family encountered the male Majungasaurus, the narrator (John Hurt) speculated as if whether there was a larger carnivore who killed the male Majungasaurus.

Majungasaurus was up to 7 meters (23 feet) long, stood 2.5 meters (8 feet) tall, and weighed up to 1.1 tons. It was the top predator of it`s area and time. Tooth marks have been found in Majungasaurus bones that didn`t belong to any other carnivore in the region, None except Majungasaurus itself. Majungasaurus was the top predator in its place, nothing except another Majungasaurus would have dared to attack it. In Madagascar 75 to 70 mya, It was a very hard place to live in. Their were only about 4 or 5 different dinosaurs there. Majungasaurus had evolved to become the top predator but it would have to eat it`s own kind. This show`s that Some dinosaurs would exploit anything to gain their maximum advantage over everyone and everything as best as evolution could do. We don't know if Majungasaurus just came across a dead Majungasaurus and ate it, or if it killed it. But we know it ate its own kind.


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