Madagascar is featured in Last Killers.

Last Killers:

Madagascar is first seen when John Hurt switches the narrative from North America. He then goes on to tell the story of a Majungasaurus family who feasted on a carcass. However, their banquet was disturbed by a male Majungasaurus who then proceeded to eat the carrion. When the bull roared at the female Majungasaur's hatchlings, however, the female was enraged and she promptly attacked the bull. The male escaped with severe injuries to his neck. However, the female wasn't finished. She returned with a vengeance and again bit the male's neck. She did not loosen her jaws until the male stopped moving. Then she threw the male onto the ground. Straight after that, the Majungasaurus family cannibalised on the dead male. Madagascar is never seen again.


1. The cannibalised male was a big find, as it proved the theory that some dinosaurs were cannibals.

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