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Kimmerosaurus appeared on the episode Fight for Life.[171-158 mya.]


Kimmerosaurus was a large, 6.6 metre long plesiosaur. It had a five foot long neck which it used to catch fish. It could speed through the water at 3 metres a second, 2 metres slower than Pliosaurus. Only the skull, neck, flippers and a few vetrebrate have been discovered so far, so we cannot be certain of what it looked like (if it had any other features) until the skeleton is complete.

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Episode 4: Fight for Life

In the beginning of the fourth episode, a hungry pod of Kimmerosaurus are seen hunting by ploughing their snouts into the sand, disturbing and chasing fish, crabs, shells, stones and Squatina, a genus of angel shark. When a Pliosaurus funkei appeared, the Kimmerosaurus head for the shallow water lagoons, where their enemy's bulk becomes a hindrance for it. Then the Pliosaurus returns, getting into the lagoon by the rising tide. But its bulk turns against it, and is unable to catch any of the plesiosaurs. Later, a single Kimmersaurus is hunting near the surface. The pliosaur rushes up from below, like a shark, and stuns the plesisaur. The Pliosaurus then rips away one of the rear paddles. Just as the nursery is in sight, the Kimmerosaurus heads for it, but before it does so, the Pliosaurus rushes up, bursting out of the water with the cryptoclidid's neck trapped in its huge jaws. It bites through the neck, and grabs and eats the body in triumph. The Pliosaurus then leaves as the remaining half of the Kimmerosaurus sinks to the bottom of the sea.

Kimmerosaurus being hunted by Predator X

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