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Hațeg Island

Location information
Continent : Europe
Creatures : Magyarosaurus
European pterosaur
European lizard
In the series
Appearances : The Great Survivors

Hațeg Isla​nd was an ancient off-shore island which was in the Tethys Ocean.  The island was around in the Cretaceous and is famous for its insular dwarfism.  Currently, Hațeg Island is in Hațeg, Romania though the island itself no longer exists.


Due to the lack of food on the island, the dinosaurs on Hațeg Island were pocket-sized versions of their mainland relatives.  However, the pterosaurs took advantage of the situation and grew to gigantic sizes.  The landscape was mainy vegetation that looked similar to ferns.  They were around 2.5 metres tall, a little bit taller than the indigenous Magyarosaurus.  Many small animals like lizards and mammals lived on the island but were food to small theropods like Bradycneme and Balaur.  

In Planet Dinosaur

Episode 6:  The Great Survivors

Hațeg Island was the one of the main settings of the episode.  A herd of Magyarosaurus was browsing on the plants and a Bradycneme was stalking a lizard.  After the theropod snagged the reptile, a Hatzegopteryx scared off a flock of Eurazdarcho.  Then, the rest of the Hatzegopteryx landed for food.  The pterosaurs started searching for juvenile Magyarosaurus to eat.  They were successful until one found an adult.  Another came and stole the sauropod.  The two pterosaurs were then locked in combat until one flew away, with the others soon following

After the K-T boundry, a lone Magyarosaurus was seen looking for food, which was scarce after the extinction event.  A Bradycneme found another Magyarosaurus however, it was a carcass.  But then, a Hatzegopteryx landed and warded off the theropod.  Then, the rest of the flock appeared and fed off the carcass like savages.  The Bradycneme then found a dead juvenile Magyarosaurus but yet again, a Hatzegopteryx ate it.  It then, found a desolate pile of bones, with a lizard on it.  The Bradycneme then ate it and wondered off.