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Feathered Dragons is the second episode of Planet Dinosaur. This episode first broadcast on 21 September, 2011.


The episode starts with the camera zooming in on an old log. On top of the log is a feathered Epidexipteryx. It thrives in its unique environment, but one disadvantage of being small is that predators always target it. A juvenile Sinraptor ambushes the Epidexipteryx. The feathered dinosaur hides inside the log. The Sinraptor attempts to bust the log open, but it fails to do so. The Epidexipteryx takes its chance and runs towards the safety of the trees. The Sinraptor reveals the fact that it was bluffing when it effortlessly bounds over to the Epidexipteryx. The small dinosaur manages to clamber up a tree just in time.

Later on, the Epidexipteryx starts digging its oddly elongated middle finger into a tree branch. It succeeds in snatching a beetle grub, but a larger Epidexipteryx snatches the grub and eats it. The smaller Epidexipteryx backs down and grabs another beetle grub. However, it accidentally drops it. The beetle grub lands on the forest floor and the larger Epidexipteryx scurries down to eat it. The juvenile Sinraptor suddenly reappears and eats the large Epidexipteryx whole. The small Epidexipteryx watches from the safety of the trees as the Sinraptor walks away.

The episode then cuts to a Saurornithoides who has just left her clutch of eggs to find food. An Oviraptor quickly runs to the clutch and starts stealing eggs. The Oviraptor spots the oblivious mother Saurornithoides walking back to the nest. The Oviraptor hastily picks up an egg in its mouth before running back to the safety of the forest. The mother surveys the nest and finds that there are two lost eggs. However, the narrator explains that the two lost eggs were the least of her problems - an eight metre tall Gigantoraptor suddenly appears and attacks the mother before killing her. It carries the mother to a clearing where it eats her. Then the Gigantoraptor returns to its breeding site uses its feathers to woo a female, but is suddenly intimidated by a rival. The rival is driven off.

The episode then cuts to China, where a Xianglong is resting on a branch. Microraptorsuddenly ambushes it and the Xianglongglides off a branch. However, the Microraptor also glides off the branch. Two gliders play a game of cat-and-mouse before the Microraptor becomes the hunted. A keen-eyed Sinornithosaurus has caught sight of the Microraptor. The Xianglong escapes just as the Microraptor lands on the ground. The Microraptor ambles slowly towards a tree while Sinornithosaurus runs towards Microraptor. Then the Microraptor climbs the tree at the last minute and glides off a branch. The Sinornithosaurus watches as its quarry glides to safety.

Later, a pack of Sinornithosaurus stalk and ambush a herd of Jeholosaurus. The narrator reveals that Sinornithosaurus may have had a poisonous bite, and the mother Jeholosaurus succumbs to a number of bites after a chase. these dinos are deadly and not so deadly