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This creature's name is not specified but is a rough guess, based upon conjecture or similar. The correct name is unknown.
Home time period Late Cretaceous
Creature type Azhdarchid pterosaur
Range Europe
Appearances The Great Survivors

Eurazhdarcho was an azhdarchid pterosaur from late Cretaceous Romania. With a 3 meter (10 ft) wingspan, Eurazhdarcho was a medium-sized pterosaur. 

In Planet Dinosaur

Episode 6:  The Great Survivors

A flock of three Eurazhdarcho made a very brief appearance being scared off by a Hatzegopteryx.


  • Eurazhdarcho has the same model as the Lacusovagus, Alanqa, The Chaoyangopterid pterosaur, and the Jurassic pterosaur.