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Chasmosaurus was a medium-sized ceratopsian dinosaur that lived in North America in the late Cretaceous period.[76-74] It was thought to have been about 5-6 me


tres long and was characterised by a large frill and three facial horns, one on its nose and above each of its eyes, similar to other ceratopsians.

Chasmosaurus is well represented in the fossil record, and over 40 specimens have been discovered across North America. Its frill is thought to have been brightly coloured and was very large. This was not only likely used to attempt to intimidate predators such as Gorgosaurus or Daspletosaurus but would have been used to attract a mate as well. Chasmosaurus was a herbivore, and had a strong beak that it likely used to crop low-lying plants that it then digested.

In Planet Dinosaur

Chasmosaurus makes an appearance in the third episode, Last Killers. We are first introduced to Chasmosaurus as we see it being stalked by the tyrannosaurid, Daspletosaurus. However, the herbivore is able to detect the predator, and it charges the Daspletosaurus before forcing the latter to give up. We later see the Chasmosaurus again as the same individual leaves the forest and sees a juvenile Daspletosaurus. Remaining wary, the ceratopsian, then released is being surrounded by a large family gang of Daspletosaurus and dashes off attempting to escape. As the chase unfolds, the narrator explains the gang tactics employed by the predators. After several minutes of fleeing, the Chasmosaurus is then caught by the theropods, who employ the signature and powerful Daspletosaurus bite and crush its neck, killing it. After its death, the larger adult Daspletosaurs later force the youngsters away from the carcass to eat first. A close relative of Chasmosaurus, Centrosaurus, is later seen in the same episode. The Rhino sized ceratopsian was not seen for very long though, after getting ambushed by the daspletosaurus pack it was not seen for the whole episode or series.

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