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Camptosaurus was an ancient, relatively primitive, iguanodont of the late Jurassic. It lived in North America, and possibly also in Europe. It also consisted of a single species - Camptosaurus dispar.[152-144] It was once given a family, the Camptosauridae, but was found to only contain Camptosaurus itself, so until other iguanodonts are found, we are certain that no close relatives of this are known.Avarage 6 meters long,but some larger individuals approached 8 meters long

In Planet Dinosaur

Episode 4:  Fight for Life

In the fourth episode of the series, a group of Camptosaurus is foraging with Stegosaurus, because they lived together as a form of mutual protection. This was demonstrated when an Allosaurus attempted to ambush them, but Camptosaurus noticed carnivore in time and fled, alarming Stegosaurus in the process. By contrast, later in the episode a lone Camptosaurus gets ambushed by an Allosaurus and is killed by it instead. After getting ambushed by the Allosaurus A Saurophaganax was attracted to the carcass and fought the Allosaurus off for right to feed.  


  • The makers of Planet Dinosaur put a horror-movie-style twist on the scene where an Allosaurus stalks, chases, and kills a Camptosaurus. First of all, the scene is pretty tense within itself, because expertly orchestrated music plays on-and-off in the scene. Second of all, the part where the Camptosaurus thinks that it's the Allosaurus whose shadow is coming around the corner but it's actually another Camptosaurus is very scary. Third of all, when the Allosaurus lunges out and chases one of the two Camptosaurus, it's even more shocking. Finally, when the Allosaurus delivers the final blow to the Camptosaurus, lots of blood sprays onto the ground. The whole thing professes a violence which is unlike of that to other Planet Dinosaur episodes. As John Hurt reminds us, the world of dinosaurs is hardly ever clinical.  

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