This creature's name is not specified but is a rough guess, based upon conjecture or similar. The correct name is unknown.
The acrodontid lizard was a lizard from Late Cretaceous Romania.

In Planet DinosaurEdit

Episode 6:  The Great SurvivorsEdit

It was first seen being eaten by a Bradycneme.  The dinosaur then scurried away from a flock of Hatzegopteryx.

It was later seen after the famous asteroid hit the Earth where it was running around a Magyarosaurus rib cage.  A Bradycneme then ate it.


  • It has the same model as the Xianglong in Feathered Dragons.
  • One wikia contributer has a theory that the Acrodontid Lizard in The Great Survivors may actually be the Xianglong from Feathered Dragons.